For people raising people

We built Hello Bello with incubator Launched.LA and celebrity co-founders Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard to create a new, natural line of baby products. Our initial goal was to become parenthood partners for moms and dads. The founders were on a mission to empower parents in their choices and create a safe, plant-based line that was accessible to a broad spectrum of parents. The decision to launch at scale, with a plan to immediately send these products to Walmarts across North America, added an intense and immovable timeline. The additional need for a robust direct-to-consumer subscription model created another layer of complexity in weaving a single strategy.

We wanted to create a brand that parents would feel good about and be proud to bring into their homes. Hello Bello’s brand became bright, fun, playful, and, most importantly, mission-driven, with a big sense of humor and an even bigger heart. Our team tackled packaging with a strong mandate to shake up the competitive space. We approached diaper designs like seasonal fashion cycles and worked hard to address real parent problems like, “How the hell do I get shampoo on my baby’s head with only one free hand?”

In two years, we became the number one DTC diaper bundling brand, reached ~$200MM L52 Weeks Total MULO + DTC, were named as Good Housekeeping’s #1 diaper, and our brand work was also awarded the Transform Awards North America Gold trophy for best strategic or creative development of a new brand.

Hello Bello

Naming + Research
Visual + Verbal Identity
Go-to-Market Strategy

For People
Raising People

“I have never worked with a group of people that understood story, emotion, and creativity as well as Brains on Fire. Their ability to push the boundaries of aesthetic and concept, while remaining anchored to the soul of the brand, is truly inspiring.”

Dax Shepard

(Hello bello founder)

Spreading holiday cheer with premium diapers for every rear

We partnered with Dr. Seuss on a holiday campaign based on The Grinch. We wrote new campaign-specific messaging, created fresh diaper designs, and shot new assets for social and web (green fur everywhere). We wanted to make the season a little merrier and invite parents to share one of their favorite childhood stories with their kids.

They Call Me Hello Bello

We worked with Hello Bello on their first brand campaign and commercial, a playful homage to the many identities of parenting. It was a first-fo-its kind campaign for the family care industry, shifting the focus from babies to include parents. It cemented Hello Bello as a brand that supports families at every stage of their journey.

Families That Vitamin Together

Bringing a cohesive look to Hello Bello’s line of vitamins for the whole family was a fun challenge. We used the colorful brand identity to our advantage, designing packaging that stands out on shelf and is easy to understand. To differentiate the Kids’ line, we incorporated doodles on the flavor cues as a playful effect and a nod to childhood.

Hello Bello x Play-Doh

We collaborated with Play-Doh to put together a full potty training guide with resources for parents. Our goal was to make the potty training process easier and more fun for both parents and kids, giving them a community to turn to. We designed digital games for kids to play, worked with a psychologist to give tips to parents, created an animated short, and provided a checklist for essentials. Plus, we launched a Play-Doh design for training pants.